How to apply for an entry approval

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1 - What is an entry approval?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has set up very specific guidelines for work pass holders to enter Singapore from overseas.

All pass holders (work pass holders and dependants) must obtain entry approvals from the relevant government agencies (i.e. MOM or Immigration and Checkpoint Authority(ICA)) before entering Singapore.

2 - Who should submit the entry approval request?

For the following pass holders:

Who should submit request

Work pass holders, including those on Letter of Consent (LOC)

Their employer

Dependant’s Pass or Long Term Visit Pass holders who are not employed (i.e. not issued a work pass including LOC)

The Employment Pass or S Pass holder’s employer.

Please note that foreigners with LTVPs issued by ICA need to request for ICA’s entry approval, even if they have LOCs issued by MOM.

3 - Things to consider before applying for entry approval

Before applying for MOM’s entry approval, an employer should:

  1. Ensure you and your pass holders can fulfil the additional requirements and responsibilities to bring the pass holders into Singapore. This includes paying for their COVID-19 tests and stay at the dedicated SHN facilities, if applicable.
  2. Use MOM's entry approval calculator to plan when to request for MOM’s entry approval.

    Submit the entry approval request

    Get outcome

    From Monday to Friday, by 12pm

    Same day

    From Monday to Friday, after 12pm

    Next working day

    On weekends or public holidays

    Next working day

  3. Ensure there are available flights/transport and the pass holders can travel to Singapore on their planned arrival date before requesting for MOM’s entry approval.
    If the request is approved, please note that you must pay for the pass holders’ COVID-19 tests and stay at the dedicated SHN facilities, if applicable, even if they do not enter Singapore as planned.
  4. Ensure that the pass holder has a Singapore mobile number. The mobile number must be provided while submitting the entry approval application form. A SIM card can be purchased at Changi Airport.

4 - Steps to apply for an entry approval

  1. Submit a request for MOM's entry approval here. Please note that you need to log in with CorpPass to fill the application form.
Please note that Sleek can assist you in the process of your entry approval application. Feel free to contact us for more details!
  1. Wait for MOM’s approval. Once you have obtained MOM's approval, please arrange the flight / transport immediately for the pass holders to enter Singapore.
  2. Submit the SG arrival card (with electronic health declaration) application to ICA. It must be submitted by the work pass holder 3 days prior to arrival in Singapore. The application can be submitted here.
    After the application is submitted, the applicant will receive 2 emails. The first one is the acknowledgement of the application submitted to ICA, the second is ICA confirming the approval of SG arrival card.

    The second email also contains an embarkation number, which will be important for future applications for longterm passes.

For the next steps after entering Singapore, please refer to our article: The process after entering Singapore.

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