Fees and Pricings

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Account Management Fees

Account Opening


Minimum Deposit


Minimum Balance


Fall Below Fee


SGD Transfer Within Singapore

SGD Transfer (Sending and receiving) within Singapore via FAST

Charges are absorbed by Sleek.


Cross Border Transfer (Charged by Partner Bank)

Outward Telegraphic Transfer

Handling Commission

Handling commission, or handling charge, is a surcharge that the bank or remittance service provider levies on the money transferred overseas.

As its name suggests, it covers the administrative cost of handling the transaction for you.

0.125% (min S$10, max S$120)

In Lieu Of Exchange (not involving foreign exchange)

0.125% (min $S$10, max S$120)

Cable Charges

When you wish to transfer money from your bank account into an overseas bank account, the bank needs to make contact with the receiving bank.

The time and effort to make contact with the receiving bank is accordingly chargeable as a cable charge. It is almost akin to the fees you must pay when you call your overseas friend on your telco post-paid plan.

The cable charge is typically a fixed fee per transaction, set by the bank or money transfer service provider.

Approximately S$20

Agent Charges

There will always be a receiving bank in an overseas money transfer transaction. The receiving bank is also known as the agent bank. The agent bank will need to liaise with your bank or money transfer service provider to accept and complete the transaction. For these efforts, the agent bank charges a fee.

If Applicable (Approximately S$20)

Amendment / Tracer Charges

Charges apply for each tracer/amendment (e.g. to amend incorrect beneficiary name or account details).


Inward Telegraphic Transfer

Handling Fee

Charged by receiving bank.


Corporate Debit Card

Card Issuance


Fees per Transaction

*Foreign Currency Charges charged by Mastercard may apply to non-SGD cards spent


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