How to set up direct feed for WorldFirst

If you have WorldFirst account and want to set up direct feed to Xero, here are the steps for you to set it up:

Step 1 - Check whether your WorldFirst account is eligible

Only Business World Account is eligible for setting up direct feed on Xero.

If your account is Business World Account, please prepare your log in detail for further steps.

Step 2 - Set up direct feed

  1. Log in to your WorldFirst account.
  1. Go to Settings, then Connected Accounts. Click Connected to Xero.
  1. Enter your Xero credentials, then choose which account you want to set up for direct feed from the dropdown. If you haven't added WorldFirst account in Xero prior to this set up, you can create a new one here as well.
  1. Once connected, your WorldFirst transactions will be posted to Xero every hour.

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