Introduction to SleekBooks

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What is SleekBooks accounting software?

Our Accounting service is focused on bringing you the most value possible - easy, convenient, timely and accurate. We are building a new suite of products & services to meet this objective, and we are excited to take the first step in this journey by offering SleekBooks, a new back-end software that our accountants use to record your accounting transactions. This will allow us to build many additions to our product in the near future.

What are the main SleekBooks features?

  • Complete accounting software to record all your transaction in a compliant manner
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Generation of reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.
  • Full audit trail on all transactions
  • SleekBooks comes fully included with all our $2.5k, $7.5k and $15k plans

New features are constantly being added to SleekBooks, in order to make your experience a more useful and smooth one.

Are there alternatives to SleekBooks?

SleekBooks is a fully compliant multi-currency accounting software that will do the job for your books and ensure that your company is compliant.

Nevertheless, if you…

  • are hands-on, and want to be actively involved in your accounting by regularly checking your accounts to modify entries
  • need to create numerous invoices and don’t already have an app for that
  • want to be able to access your reports anywhere anytime
  • need to connect third party cloud apps, such as e-commerce or inventory management

... then, you might want to consider Xero accounting software. For more information, check our article on Xero.

Frequently asked questions

How to submit receipts?

Receipts are handled by our systems and will automatically be routed to your SleekBooks account.

If you are currently using a Dext (formerly known as ReceiptBank) email address to submit your receipts, you can continue to do so.

If you use the Sleek receipt submission system (using email or WhatsApp or upload in Sleek app) you can continue to do so (more information here).

How to access my reports in SleekBooks?

You can request monthly reports from your accountant, and they will provide you with a detailed set of management accounts (e.g. P&L, Balance Sheet) on demand, in addition to the detailed annual reports that they will send you for review.

We will be adding in the future a set of reports in the Sleek App that will allow you to track your financial performance and unpaid invoices & bills in an easy way.

If you need to access your reports frequently and want to be able to manipulate them, then you should opt-in for Xero.

How to manage or make edits to my bookkeeping myself?

If you play an active role in managing your bookkeeping records (e.g. creating accounts, tracking categories etc.) you should opt-in for Xero. SleekBooks software will be used by our accountants to manage this part on behalf of our clients.

How to generate invoices?

For the time being, you can't create invoices directly using SleekBooks. If you don't already have an app to create invoices and need to create invoices frequently, then you should opt-in for Xero.

If you only create invoices occasionally, you can create your invoice in Microsoft Word or GoogleDocs and convert it to pdf. You can also use a free online invoicing tool like this one.

We will be adding a feature to generate invoices in SleekBooks in the future.

How does it work with bank statements this impact how my bank transactions are submitted, for reconciliation purposes?

Our team will be in touch to obtain accountant access to your web banking. After initial set-up, we will manage the bank statements extraction entirely from our end, and this will not require any effort from you.

What if I need to connect other business apps to my accounting software?

If you have apps other than Dext that you need to integrate with your accounting software (e.g. CRM, inventory management, e-commerce...), then you should opt-in for Xero.

The integrations are not yet available with SleekBooks.

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