How to renew my services?

Here is the detailed process to renew your services through Sleek's platform:

  1. Log in to your account on Sleek platform;
  2. On the left of your dashboard, click on 'Billing';
  3. Click on “Add credit/debit card” to add in your card details and select one card for payment;
  4. Select which services and how long you want to renew, click 'PAY NOW', and it will jump to the review page;
  5. Once you double-checked the payment details, press "Confirm";
  6. The services are successfully renewed!
You can see your past transactions and invoices in the "Billing" page.

If you wish to make payment by Bank Transfer/PayNow:

  1. On the "Review and pay" page, you can click on "Bank transfer";
  2. You can see our account details. Then, click on "Email invoice to me";
  3. An email with the invoice number, Sleek’s bank account number and other details needed for the payment will be sent to your email.

You may refer to this video for the steps above:

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