Introduction to coworking spaces in Singapore

What can I expect from a coworking space?

The idea of coworking refers to the open, no-barrier, interactive office culture where people share work space with many other people. While coworking spaces are perfect for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, it can actually be ideal for anyone looking for a less traditional type of work environment.

Opting to register and work in coworking spaces offer several advantages. Here are some of the common things to expect when you choose to do so:

(Relative) affordability

Memberships for coworking spaces can be much more affordable for businesses and freelancers compared to paying rent in a traditional office space —and it offers a wide range of options of spaces for them to rent only what they would normally need (eg per desk) instead of an entire private office. It’s also common to have different pricing based on whether you have a fixed location or if you hot-desk in the general space.

Great amenities

All the facilities you can think of in regular corporate offices—coffee machines, recliners, projectors, whiteboards, pantry, and many others—are made available and accessible to you and are included in your membership fees when you register and enroll in your chosen coworking space.


Each co-working space is likely to have a community team on hand to advise their residents on the facilities during standard office hours. However, individuals with dedicated desks and offices can usually access the premises 24/7 via a keycard.


Providing a sense of community for people who would otherwise be working from home or a coffee shop by themselves, a coworking space is conducive for those looking for an interesting shared area that offers a sense of belongingness to a group or network as opposed to spending all of their work time alone.


Coworking spaces provide endless networking opportunities for its members and extensive chances to work with people from a wide range of companies and industries. This translates to endless opportunities to collaborate or simply connect with a more diverse group of people and people outside your own business. 

Top 11 Coworking spaces in Singapore

There are always new coworking spaces popping up in Singapore given its vibrant startup community. Here we’ve done a brief roundup of some of the main players, as well as a couple of interesting ones:

1. Found8

Location: Check out various Singapore branches at Found8

Price range: Day pass of $65 or a monthly office pass of $345 or for a monthly fee of $775 for a dedicated desk

More than just your run-of-the-mill coworking space, Found8 stands out from the swarm of shared workspaces in Singapore CBD with its innovation-centric ecosystem put together in a stunningly avant-garde office space in a prime location that serves as a launchpad of sorts connecting members with potential clients, strategic advisors, collaborators, and mentors, and inspiring everyone to really grow—all for a day pass of $65 or a monthly office pass of $345 or for a monthly fee of $775 for a dedicated desk.  

2. WeWork

Location: 71 Robinson Rd Singapore

Price range: From $520 a month for hot desking to $1250 a month for a private office 

Spanning over three floors and taking pride in its unique features of a soundproof phone booth, foosball machines, and free-flowing citrus-infused water, the vibrant coworking space WeWork stays true to its mission of building a community within the workplace, with rates ranging from $520 a month for hot desking to $1250 a month for private office space (although prices may vary according to location).

3. JustCo 

Location: Check out various Singapore locations at JustCo

Price range: $50 a day for a desk to $800 a month for a studio space

A massive coworking space occupying four floors of the Parakou building, JustCo not only provides equally massive opportunities for collaborations and networking with booth buddies but also a mesmerizing view of the city’s skyline. Aside from the basic office amenities, the coworking office space is filled with ’80s retro decor, books, work furnishings, a ping pong, and foosball table, among others. A few meeting rooms and a pantry all make for a convenient place should you want to meet with clients.

 4. ClubCo 

Location: China Court Singapore (enter via Club Meatballs on China Street)

Price range: $849/month for hot desk and $1270/month for private office 

The only coworking space in Singapore CBD with a membership that comes with up to 100% matching value in food and beverage from their restaurant, café, and bar, including coffee and meals from breakfast to dinner, ClubCo is the place to be for the budget-conscious entrepreneur looking for a cutting-edge workspace that does not hurt their pockets. Coworking space rates start at $849 per month and private office pass rates start at $1,270 per month.

5. DISTRii

Location: 9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619

Price range: $750/month coworking space; $1,946/month private office

The sophisticated workspace in Raffles Place is the epitome of creative coworking and professional and advanced serviced office combined. Distrii Singapore is the sophisticated innovation of the modern workspace offering world-class facilities and stunning architecture in the hip Singapore CBD location for around $750 a month (coworking space) to around  $1,946 a month for private offices for 3 persons or more.

 6. Mox

Location: 451 Joo Chiat Road, Katong Point Singapore 427664

Price range: Day pass of $30 or a monthly office pass for at least $500

Embodying an industrial chic line theme to inspire those with a creative bent of mind, Mox offers a novel selection of amenities including a photography studio fully equipped with lighting equipment and work stations with the latest design software, carpentry desk, 3D printer, even a even a retail space where members get to display pieces that they would like to put up for sale—all for an affordable day pass of $30 or a monthly office pass for at least $500.

7. Spaces

Location: Check out various Singapore branches at Spaces

Price range: $550 a month for single dedicated desks with lockers to $825 a month for private offices

Looking to have a total of five outposts in Singapore by the end of 2019, Amsterdam-born creative workspace provider Spaces has earned recognition for its well-thought-out and fuss-free work space solutions that range from $550 a month for single dedicated desks with lockers to $825 a month for private offices, which cover 24-hour access, one bill to monitor all your expenditures, and membership to their exclusive Business Club.

 8. The Co.

Location: 75 High Street Singapore 179435; 99 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089543

Price range: $45 a day, $350 for 10 visits a month, $600 for a month, or a swanky office suite for $700 to $990 per person

Offering individual desks for $45 a day, $350 for 10 visits a month, $600 for a month, or a swanky office suite for $700 to $990 per person, The Co. is ideal for those on the hunt for minimalist hot-desking spaces, which have hosted the likes of Elance and Startup Grind.

9. The Hive

Location: Check out various Singapore locations at The Hive

Price range: From $20 for day pass access to desks to $800 for bigger teams for an office pass

Located at the heart of contemporary HongKong Street and occupying three shophouses, The Hive offers affordable membership rates that start at $20 for day pass access to desks, the rooftop cafe bar, and lounge seats to around $800 for bigger teams for an office pass to a private space, meeting room, and the rooftop cafe.

10. The Great Room

Location: 1 George St, Level 10, Singapore 049145

Price range: From $70 for a day pass and up to $2,500 per month for a dedicated office

Set in the heart of the city that bustles with the business by day and leisure by night, The Great Room is a hospitality-themed workspace designed to inspire. With a day pass priced at $70 and up to $2,500 per month for a dedicated office, the space is ideal for quiet discussions and long periods of thought and study while being a conducive venue for a meeting, entertaining, and socializing.

11. The Working Capitol

Location: 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

Price range: Around $53.50 for a day pass to a monthly fee of $872.05 

From a day pass of $53.50 to a monthly fee of $872.05 for 24-hour access to a work desk, The Working Capitol is one of Singapore’s biggest coworking spaces that also houses private offices and a dedicated venue with a pretty flexible schedule for your corporate or organizational events.

To get a wider feel for what’s out there, we recommend The definitive map of co-working spaces in Singapore maintained by Tech in Asia as a handy directory to help you acquaint yourself with other spaces by geography.

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