Submit your expense receipts by email

Updated 3 months ago by Julien Finet

An easy way to send your receipts to Sleek accountants is to simply send them attached by email to our dedicated Sleek address!

Steps to submit your expense receipts by email

  1. Send an email to
  2. Your email format should be as follows:
  • Subject: Your company’s name
  • Body: Type Company or Personal (choose depending on who paid, or will pay, the expense - Company if paid from the corporate bank account, Personal for an expense to claim)

  1. Attach your receipt/document to the email:
  • The format should be: .jpg, .png or .pdf
  • Your attachment size limits are 6 Mb for images

  1. Send your email.

Below is an example of email for your reference:

Please note that the email address is only used to receive your documents.
You may contact should you face any issue.

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