Employment Contract and KETs (key employment terms)

What is an employment contract?

  • An employment contract is a contract of service that defines the employer-employee relationship, including the terms and conditions of employment.
  • It's also known as Employment Agreement, Letter of Appointment or Offer Letter.
  • Although the agreement can be in writing, verbal, expressed or implied, it is advised to be in writing in order to minimise disputes on the agreed terms and conditions.

What are KETs (key employment terms)?

While making an employment contract, all employers must issue key employment terms (KETs) in writing to employees covered by the Employment Act.

KET generally includes:

  • Full name of employer and employee
  • Job title, main duties and responsibilities
  • Start date and duration of employment
  • Working time and day
  • Salary, allowances and deductions
  • Employee benefits
  • Probation and notice period
Here you can find an employment contract template from MOM.

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