Employment Pass rejected, how to appeal?

Why my Employment Pass has been rejected?

There are 3 most common reasons why an Employment Pass is rejected.



Hiring Practice

The employers are required by Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) to advertise a vacant role for at least 14 calendar days on the national jobs bank before the EP application can be filed.

If the MOM suspects that a company has unfair hiring practices, they may curtail their work pass privileges and may even place it on a blacklist until improvements are seen.

Company Background

The MOM may request for detailed information relating to the company’s business activities, manpower projection and an explanation as to why the candidate was chosen (special skills that cannot be found locally).

Job profile

An EP may also be rejected because the proposed salary, candidate’s educational qualification, or relevant work experience are not commensurate with the job position that is being applied for.

What should I do if my Employment Pass application is rejected?

If your EP application is rejected, you or your employer have three months to appeal the decision.

When this happens, your employer can offer further clarifying information and documents to MOM to assist them in making a determination on your application.  

If you do submit an appeal, the process can take at least three weeks to process. The status of the appeal can be checked online.

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