Manage my submitted purchase documents

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You can monitor all the purchase documents you have submitted for your accounting on the dedicated page in the Sleek web app.

All your submitted documents in one place

All the documents you submitted to our Accounting team appear in the Bookkeepng tab in the Sleek app.



You can filter the documents submitted by each user by clicking on their icon, as well as manage your users.


A dashboard shows the number and total amount in your base currency of your expenses document submitted, as well as the claimed expenses.

Upload document

You can directly upload your receipts and invoices on the Sleek app by dragging and dropping them on the page. For more information, check our dedicated section.


You can use filters to search your documents faster:

  • Date of submission
  • Source
  • Paid by
  • Status

A search bar allows you to search with free input by:

  • Supplier
  • Amount

List of your submitted documents

All the documents you submitted are listed there with the following information:

  • Date: Date and time the document has been submitted
  • User: User who submitted the document
  • Source: Submission channel used for the submission of the document
  • Paid by: Company or Expense Claim
  • Supplier: Name of the supplier for the purchase
  • Amount: Amount of the purchase
  • Status:
    • EXTRACING DATA: The document has been submitted and our system is extracting date. It takes up to 48h for the full extraction and publication of your document as a journal entry in your accounting software.
    • IN BOOKS: The document is a Company Expense and has been fully extracted and verified by the accountant. It sits now as a journal entry in your accounting software.
    • EXP CLAIM REPORT: The document is an Expense Claim Expense and has been fully extracted and verified by the accountant. It sits now as an entry in the Expense Claim report of the month which will be approved before reimbursement. The expense will appear in your accounting software after the Expense Claim report approval.
    • DUPLICATE: We already received an identical document. The document will not be processed. You can decide to Archive it or Delete it.
    • ERROR: There was an error with the submitted document. Please check the error and submit the document again if necessary.
  • Eye icon: By clicking on the eye icon, you can have a quick preview of the source document, to check it without having to go into the detailed view
  • Action icon: You can archive or delete (when allowed) a document

By clicking on a line, you will reach a page with the source document, as well as the data extracted to be added to your books.

You may contact should you have any question.

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