How to amend or adopt a new Constitution

Below are the steps to amend or adopt a new Constitution for your company.

  1. Company will need to provide the amended/new Constitution (prepared by lawyers) to Sleek.
  2. Sleek team will prepare and send the following documents for signature. The documents will be signed through SleekSign. You may refer to this article on how to SleekSign a document.

General list of Documents (documents may vary depending on company): 

  • Directors’ resolutions to convene EGM to approve the amendment/adoption of Constitution (to be signed by directors)
  • Notice of EGM (to be signed by one director)
  • Consent to Short Notice (if less than 14 days notice for the EGM is given) (to be signed by all members)
  • Minutes of EGM (to be signed by members)
  • Attachment to Notice of Resolution (to be signed by a director)
  1. Sleek team will file the Notice of Resolution with ACRA. (including copy of amended/new Constitution)
Should you wish to download your company constitution on Sleek platform, you may check this knowledge base guide: How to download my constitution?

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