Virtual Debit Card

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What can I use my Virtual Debit Card for?
You can use your Virtual Debit card for everything ranging from making online payments, local travel platforms (such as Grab and Gojek) and putting your card on file to make recurring payments.

You may also use your Virtual Debit Card to pay for your Sleek services.
Is the Sleek Business Account Virtual Debit card a multi-currency card?
Currently, your Sleek Business Account Virtual Debit card can only hold SGD. You will not be able to hold multiple currencies on your Sleek Business Account Virtual Debit Card.

However, you will still be able to pay in a foreign currency (relevant foreign currency charges apply).
Can I get a physical card?
Sleek does not issue physical cards for the Sleek Business Account Virtual Debit Card. This card will only exist virtually.
How do I top up my Virtual Debit Card?
You will need to top up your prepaid Virtual Debit Card before you can spend.

Do note that once you top up, the funds are irreversible, you will have to spend any remaining balances.

See here on how to top up your card.
Can I link my mobile e-Wallet (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay) to the card?
Currently, you will not be able to link your Virtual Debit Card to any mobile e-Wallet. However, we are looking into this for our upcoming enhancements!
How do I review my Virtual Debit Card transaction?
You may review your card transaction via the Sleek Business Account webpage.

Card Fees & Charges

Are there any card fees?
No, there are no card fees associated with the Sleek Business Account Virtual Debit Card.
Are there any card charges?
No, there are no charges associated with your card usage.

Note that for foreign currency purchases, foreign currency charges apply.
What are the foreign currency charges?
There are no transaction charges implemented by Sleek for non-SGD payments but Mastercard Card Association will establish a currency conversion rate for this convenience using a rate selected by the Mastercard Card Association from the ranges of rates available in the wholesale currency markets and additional fees may apply for foreign transaction.

Card Dispute

Why has my card payment been declined?
Payments could be declined for payments such as
- Insufficient funds in card. See here on how to top up your card.
- Card is frozen.
- Our fraud detection team has blocked the card transaction because we suspicious activity has taken place.
- Input of incorrect card details (Card number, Expiry date and CVV).

For any of the above issues, please contact to enquire further.
For payments that have been rejected by the merchant, please contact the merchant to find out why the payment was unsuccessful.
Why is my card payment still pending?
A pending payment is a payment that has been authorised but is waiting for the merchant's confirmation or reversal.
I would like a refund for something I bought.
In a situation where you are not satisfied with the goods or services you paid for, or you were charged an incorrect amount, please contact the merchant directly to request a full or partial refund.

Do note that point of sale transactions cannot be reversed. If you authorise a transaction and then fail to make a purchase of that item as planned, the approval may result in a hold of funds equal to the estimated purchase amount, for up to seven (7) days.
What do I do with a disputed transaction?
For any disputed transaction, request to cancel your Virtual Debit Card and reach out to with the following information;

1. Name, Registered Sleek Email, Virtual Account Number
2. Affected Virtual Debit Card number
3. Charge back type (Is this a debit or credit?)
4. Transaction Amount
5. Date of the alleged transaction
6. Any other supporting documents (Screenshot of Sleek Business Account WebApp, etc).

Disputed transactions must be submitted within 120 days from the alleged date of transaction.

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