Overview of the different company types in Singapore

In this article, we will introduce you to several company types in Singapore. You may click on the company type to find our more about it!

Private limited company

A private limited company is the most scalable, advanced and flexible business structure in Singapore. It is the most common type of business structure in Singapore.

Limited Liability Partnership

A Singapore Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a type of business with minimum of 2 partners and above.

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is a type of business that has only one owner who manages all of its assets and liabilities

Holding Company

A holding company is a legal entity that owns shares in another company, also known as subsidiary, or an entity that exercises ownership or control over real estate, patents or other assets.

Special Vehicle Purpose (SPV)

A Special-Purpose Vehicle, or SPV, is a separate legal entity, typically in the form of private limited company in Singapore, that is created for a specific, narrow purpose – usually for investment. It has gained popularity amongst startups and VCs at the funding stage.

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