Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

What is the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)?

The Ministry of Manpower is a ministry of the Government of Singapore which is responsible for the formulation and implementation of labour policies related to the workforce in Singapore. The Ministry was known as Ministry of Labour until 1998.

What does MOM do?

MOM's mission is to develop a productive workforce and progressive workplaces, for Singaporeans to have better jobs and a secure retirement.

Employment in Singapore, including the development and planning of Singapore workforce to achieve "globally competitive workforce in a sustainable manner," is managed under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Manpower MOM.

Other aspects of employment related functions as International Talent Promotion, Labour Relations, Management of Foreign Manpower, Labour Welfare and Services, are also covered by the ministry.

Every foreigner who wants to work in Singapore has to apply for a work pass in order to stay in Singapore to work. All work passes are approved by MOM.

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