How to add/remove items in existing expense report in Dext

Dext is the new name for Receipt Bank since March 2021

In Dext, you can add / remove items in existing expense report. Here are the steps.

1 - Add items to existing expense report

  1. Once you uploaded your receipts, click on Costs workspace then Inbox. You will find all receipts you've uploaded.
  1. Tick the checkbox of the receipts you want to add in an existing expense report.
  1. Click Add to expense report on the top bar.
  1. Tick Existing report, then select an expense report from dropdown.
  1. Click Add, and the items are added to the selected expense report.

2 - Remove items from exiting expense report

  1. Go to Expense reports workspace, and select an expense report that you want to edit.
  1. In the detail page, you will see red X mark after each item. To remove an item, click on the X mark.

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