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At Sleek, we aim at making it easy for you to send your receipts to our accountants. You will find below information on what documents to submit, how to submit them and how you can manage them in the Sleek app.

Submit my documents to Sleek Accounting

Here are the various channels that you can use to submit your accounting documents:

What documents must I submit?

In Singapore, accounting is proof based so you need to justify all transactions.

Any document detailing the transaction, such as a receipt or a tax invoice, will work. If you don't have such a document, you need to provide a proxy, like a contract mentioning the amount paid, that can help justify the transaction.

You don't need to keep the paper copy in Singapore! A soft copy is sufficient.

What is the difference between Company Expenses and Expense Claims?

Company Expenses are company purchases paid by the company directly.

Expense Claims are company purchased paid by an individual e.g. an employee, a director or a shareholder. These expenses are a liability for the company towards the individual who paid for them and they are supposed to be reimbursed by the company eventually.

It is important to specify how your purchase is paid as the accounting treatment is different. For each channel, you will have a way to notify us easily. Check the submission channels documentation for more details.

Are there any guidelines regarding the document I need to submit?

The capture of your receipt doesn't need to be a work of art, but there are some rules you need to follow:

  • For your receipt, please make sure to capture the document in its entirety. Don't capture half of the document and let us guess the other part!
  • Don't send blur pictures or too bright/dark documents. A rule of thumb is that if you can't read yourself an invoice or receipt you submit to us, it is likely our system won't either.
  • Make sure that the picture is bright enough and not too blur
  • Never take a photo of a screen with your phone camera to capture a receipt, prefer a screenshot directly on the device
  • Only capture 1 receipt per photo, 1 transaction per file you send

Finally, please note that only files in pdf, jpg and png will be accepted.

Send your expenses as frequently as possible. No need to wait or hoard your receipts before sending them!

Manage the documents I submitted to Sleek Accounting

Access all the documents you submitted for your accounting on the Sleek Bookkeeping page COMING SOON

For more information on what you can do on this page, you can check our dedicated help section.

You may contact should you have any question.

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