Employment Termination

In Singapore, both the employee and the employer have the right to terminate the employment contract.

There are 3 types of termination:

  • Termination with notice
  • Termination without notice
  • Termination due to employee misconduct.

Type of termination


Termination with notice

• A written termination letter is mandatory

• The termination letter should serve the notice period

Termination without notice

• Termination without notice will require the payment of compensation in lieu of notice (“notice pay”).

Termination due to employee misconduct

• A serious disciplinary action that should be carefully considered

• Examples include theft, dishonesty, disorderly or immoral conduct at work and insubordination.

• Employers must conduct a formal inquiry before taking any disciplinary action.

In Singapore, the common practice of notice period on employment termination is usually

Notice period

Employment termination

During probationary period

2 weeks

After confirmation of employment

1 month

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