S Pass and key factors to a successful application

What is an S Pass?

An S Pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower is a common visa for mid-level skilled staff (e.g. technicians) wanting to settle in this bustling city.

After a job is secured, the employer will apply for an S Pass on behalf of their future employee.

Key factors to a successful S Pass application

Take the Self Assessment Tool (SAT) ​

You can take a Self Assessment Tool Test (SAT) provided by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for your employee. This test will help you understand the requirements needed for a successful application and also let you know if he/she is qualified for an S Pass in Singapore.

Review the fixed monthly salary

Salary plays a huge role in your application being successful. The employee is required to have a fixed monthly salary of SGD $3,000 and above. 

Ensure the employee has the appropriate qualification or employment history

Bachelor’s degree and diploma holders are beneficial for those applying for an S pass. Technical certificates can be considered as well.

If the employee does not have a degree/diploma, it can be compensated with an excellent employment history and high salary.

Know the company’s current quota of foreign workers

The number of S Pass holders a company can hire is limited by a quota.

Under the quota, the number of S Pass holders a company can hire is capped at –

  • 10% of the company’s total workforce in the services sector
  • 15% in all other sectors

You can calculate your quota requirement for the S Pass here.

Prepare for the S Pass levy

The S Pass levy is a pricing mechanism that works to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore. Business owners need to pay the levy for all S Pass holders in their company.

You can find the levy rate for S Pass here.

Arrange medical insurance

Before you can issue an S Pass, you must buy medical insurance for the pass holder. The insurance coverage must be a minimum of $15,000 per year and cover inpatient care and day surgery.

You can have a co-pay arrangement with the S Pass holder if certain requirements are met, and after purchase, you would then need to submit the medical insurance details online before you request to issue an S Pass.

From 2018 onwards, S Pass holders who have a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD $6,000 are eligible for a Dependant’s Pass for their family members.

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