How to accept invitation from Sleek platform

If you are invited to take the role of a Director/Company Admin/Shareholder/Standard User on Sleek platform, you will receive an email notification to verify and accept the invitation.


  • If you are new to Sleek platform, you can set up your Sleek account via the link in the email;
  • If you already have a Sleek account, you may log-in to our platform and accept the pending invitation.

You may refer to the steps below on how to accept the invitation on Sleek platform.

  1. Log in to Sleek platform using your e-mail address and password;
  2. Click on your name at the top right button, then click on "Invitations";
  3. Click on "Accept Invitation" and proceed to verify your account details;
  4. You have now successfully accepted the invitation.

You may also refer to the video tutorial below for assistance.

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