6 digital tools for your business to close deals faster

Here are 6 ways that you can use digital tools to improve your sales processes and get your deals to close faster.

1 - Hone in on your low-hanging fruit with a well-running CRM system

Organising your lead and customer data is vital. Managing your pipeline of leads with a CRM allows you to get visibility over what leads you need to chase. It also allows you to set notes for each customer so that you can follow up at the right time in their business cycle and you’re not reliant on the memory of your or your sales team.

The key here is picking a CRM that is the right fit for your business – there’s a saying that the best system is the one you actually use. There’s no point paying for a world-class CRM system if you won’t use 90% of its features.  For most SMEs, something that is simple and elegant will suit your everyday needs. Try a few and see which ones feel intuitive to use (pro tip: at the time of writing, we’ve seen happy users on the likes of Pipedrive, Hubspot’s free CRM, and Capsule)

2 - Create urgency by leveraging digital marketing channels

Paid digital marketing such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a great way to get in front of potential customers. You can reach brand new audiences as well as ‘remarket’ warm leads who have already engaged with you, such as by visiting your website.  Digital marketing allows you to passively target your leads with offers like discounts, offers, and events.

3 - Stop the to-and-fro-ing with self-service calendar scheduling

It’s a small one but a goodie – where your sales cycle typically involves a phone call or meeting to iron out specifics, using calendar management tools such as Calendly, or can free up a lot of small useless emails. Instead of pinging back and forth, salespeople can connect their calendar to Calendly and have prospects self-select a time that works for them.

4 - Consider marketing automation software

Automating some lead nurturing steps can mean that the machine can tinker away on prospects, reminding them of your brand and providing more value, until they’re warm enough for a sales conversation.  This isn’t a quick solution but one that should involve a wider conversation about the buyer cycle but ultimately frees you up from nurture processes that would normally require a lot of resources and budget (or headcount) to execute.

5 - Impress your customers with your speed

E-signatures can also improve relationships with your customers – being able to successfully sign off projects and agreements while waiting in line for their coffee, rather than having to go through onerous corporate systems can show that you’re focused on keeping red tape and bureaucracy to a minimum.

6 - Reduce friction to signing by adopting e-signatures

Common sales agreements like licensing agreements, statements of work, and contractor agreements can benefit from using e-signatures. They’re legally valid in Singapore and mean that there are fewer barriers to signing which could mean it slips the prospect’s mind. No paper in the printer? Not in the office? Couldn’t figure out how to work the scanner? No more excuses – it arrives in their inbox and they can sign and send it back in a matter of seconds.

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