What is the CorpPass?

What is CorpPass?

CorpPass is an authentication service for corporate users to transact with government agencies online, on behalf of their organisations.

From September 2018, CorpPass will be required for all entities to transact with the government.

Who is CorpPass for?

CorpPass is for local entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and also for foreign entities. Local entities that do not have a UEN can continue to use their SingPass as a login method.

Here's a video introduction of CorpPass:

Source: GovTech Singapore

Different Roles of CorpPass

There are different types of roles when it comes to CorpPass. You need to find the right person to handle these roles. 

Registered Officer (RO)

Registered Officer will be the person who is officially registered to the particular entity with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The Registered Officer can then nominate a CorpPass Admin and approve the registration request.

The Registered Officer should be director or corporate secretary of your company and the Registered Officer does not need to have a CorpPass account unless they choose to take on the CorpPass Admin role.

CorpPass Administrator (Admin)

A CorpPass Admin manages Government-to-Business transactions on behalf of the company. He/she has the authority by the RO to create CorpPass accounts and manage access to digital services for that particular entity.

You can be a CorpPass Admin only if you are a director/company secretary with a SingPass account.

CorpPass Sub-Administrator (Sub-admin)

A sub-admin is a person who has been authorized by the Admin to assist with the managing of CorpPass accounts on behalf of the entity. Sub-admin account can only be created by the CorpPass Admin.

The sub-admin can be someone overseas without a SingPass account.

CorpPass Enquiry User

This account can be created by either the admin or sub-admin. This account can be used to transact with government digital services and also to view the details of the entity’s CorpPass setup.

CorpPass User

A CorpPass user can carry out G2B online transactions such as Payroll/HR. A CorpPass user needs to have a user account created by the entity’s CorpPass admin.

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