Startup SG Equity Programme

Please note that this grant is for companies that have less than 30% local shareholdings (i.e. Foreign-owned businesses that registered a Singapore entity).

Agency: Enterprise Singapore

Type: Funding 

As part of the Startup SG Equity scheme, the government will co-invest with independent, qualified 3rd party investors into eligible startups. This scheme aims to stimulate private-sector investments into innovative, Singapore-based technology startups with intellectual property and global market potential.

Investment parameters


General tech

Deep tech

Investment Cap for each startup



Co-investment ratio

7:3 up to $250K,

1:1 thereafter up to $2M

7:3 up to $500K,

1:1 thereafter up to $4M

Eligibility Criteria

Startups seeking government co-investment under Startup SG Equity should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singapore-based company with core activities carried out here
  • Be incorporated as a Private Limited company for less than five years
  • Have paid-up capital of at least $50,000
  • Be able to prove substantial innovative and intellectual content for its products and/or services and applications
  • Have high-growth potential with clear scalability for the international market
  • Have identified a ready, independent third-party investor(s)
  • Business must not be involved in the following business activities: gambling, tobacco-related products, or any other activities which are in violation of the law, or against the public interest
  • A company cannot be a subsidiary or joint-venture

Click here to go to the website of Startup SG Equity.

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