Holding Money

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Holding Money Basics

Is my money safeguarded in Sleek Business Account?
Yes. Sleek holds a payment license that allows us to handle payments on clients’ behalf, and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. PS20200521). Your funds are safeguarded by our partners such as DBS Bank. You can refer to this link here.
Is there a minimum deposit?
No, there is no minimum deposit required.
Is there a minimum balance?
No, there is no minimum balance required.
Is there a fall below fee?
No, there is no fall below fee.
How much SGD can I hold in my Sleek Business Account?
There is no limit on how much SGD you can hold with us.
Which currencies can I hold in my Sleek Business Account?
Currently, you can only hold SGD in your Sleek Business Account.

However, you will still be able to pay in a foreign currency (relevant foreign currency charges apply).

Ability to hold multi-currencies will be available soon.
Where can I be able to view my account balance?
In the Sleek Portal, head to the Business Account tab, and the balance can be found by clicking your Virtual Account number.

Adding Money To Your Balance

How do I add money to my balance?
You may add money to your balance via a bank transfer. See here on how to retrieve your Sleek Business Account details.

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