How to sign up for My MOM Portal access?

MyMOM Portal allows the user to perform EP and S Pass transactions from checking on status to validation of pass credentials. Holders of EP and S Pass are able to use this eService to update their residential address.

What are the Criteria?

You can sign up for access to MyMOM Portal if you are:

  1. A business owner (Must be either a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident or EntreePass holder)
  2. An employee of a registered business (Must either be Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident)
  3. A foreign employee of a registered business (Must be an Employment Pass (EP), Personalised Employment Pass, or S Pass holder)
You would need to have SingPass and Unique Entity Number (UEN) in order to sign up for an account.

How to sign up for ?

To sign up for a MyMOM Portal account, you need to:

  1. Log in to Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) using your SingPass;
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen;
  3. After 5 working days, you can check your application status here.

What are your MyMOM Portal Online administrator's duties?

During registration, appointing a MyMOM Portal administrator is required. It is preferably a business owner, a director or a senior employee.

Please note that the administrator can appoint another administrator. However, you can only appoint up to 2 administrators and create up to 4 user accounts.

Having a second administrator helps to minimise any disruption to your business.

What are your CorpPass administrator's duties?

CorpPass administrator must also give access to the MyMOM Portal administrators and users for them to log in to MyMOM Portal.

CorpPass user or sub-users must do the following:

  1. Login via the CorpPass portal.
  2. Go to the e-Service Access tab.
  3. Choose MyMOM Portal one of your company’s eServices.
  4. Assign MyMOM Portal eService to the EP Online administrators and users.

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