KYC documents for my corporate shareholder

KYC documents required for my corporate shareholder

The KYC documents required for your corporate shareholder might be different depending on which jurisdiction the company is incorporated.

For Corporate Shareholder(s)

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration or equivalent company formation document showing the date and place of incorporation
  • Business Profile/Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent company registry record with list of directors & shareholders and registered office address
  • Certificate of Appointment of Corporate Representative and Directors’ Resolution in Writing (required only where a corporate representative has been appointed)

If a corporation has more than 25% ownership interest in or ultimate effective control of a Corporate Shareholder, Sleek will also require:

  • Passport/NRIC and proof of residential address (issued within last three months) for each individual who owns or controls more than 25% of the company shares or voting rights
What are some examples of a valid proof of residential address?

Valid address proofs includes utility bills, bank statements or tax records issued by institutional authorities.

How can I send my KYC documents to Sleek?

KYC documents can be easily uploaded to the Sleek platform by each company officer and representative.

Documents should not be more than 3 months old and must be in English or otherwise translated into English by a certified translator.
For translation many of our clients work with Wordsburg. Contact and mention Sleek sent you over.

* Please note that more documents might be requested by our compliance team

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