How to set up direct feed for PayPal

If your company is using PayPal for receiving or sending money, you can set up direct feed that will help you track and reconcile transactions easier. Once you are set up, all PayPal transactions will be automatically imported to your Xero account every 12 hours.

Step 1 - Check if your PayPal account is eligible

The 2 eligible account types are:

  1. Business accounts
  2. Personal accounts

Step 2 - Apply for your feed

  1. On the top bar, go to Accounting menu and select Bank accounts.
  1. Click Add Bank Account.
  1. Search for 'PayPal', and select PayPal.
  1. Then, you will go to connection screen. Click Login & Connect Accounts.
  1. The screen will be redirected to PayPal login website. Enter your PayPal email address and password.
  1. Once logged in, select the account you would like to connect with Xero, and click Continue.
  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Connect My Accounts.
  3. Click the checkbox next to each currency to import the feeds into Xero, then click Connect.

Your PayPal transactions will be immediately imported to Xero. All done!

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