Onboarding process for my payroll

Below is the onboarding process for Sleek’s payroll services:

  1. After Accounting onboarding, you can send an email to Sleek Payroll team requesting on how to kick start the payroll services;
  2. You will receive the payroll onboarding email asking for employee details and signed Employment contract;
  3. Once Sleek has received all the employee details via email, Sleek will go through the one-time set-up of Employer and Employee details in Talenox;
  4. If the employees of your company are purely foreign, Sleek will assist you on how to pay Skills Development Levy (SDL) via debit/credit Payment;
  5. If your company has Singaporean or PR employee:
    1. Sleek will assist on the request for Company Central Provident Fund (CPF) Submission number (it generally takes 2-3 working days) using Corppass;
    2. Once there is a CPF submission number, Sleek payroll will assist on the GIRO Direct Debit application (it generally takes 14-21 working days);
    3. Sleek will monitor the GIRO approval, and once approved, Sleek will submit CPF monthly via e-submit online or email you the CPF Paynow QR code if your mode of payment is via Paynow;
General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) is an automated electronic payment service which allows you to make monthly payment to the billing organisation (BO) from your bank account directly.
Do note that if you have both foreign and local employees, we will assist on the Skills Development Levy (SDL) payment, and in this case, the Skills Development Levy can be paid via CPF e-submission each month.
  1. From then on, Sleek will generate monthly payroll and publish payslip 2 days before pay day.

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