Cheaper & Better FX

What is Cheaper & Better FX?

Cheaper & Better FX (CBFX) is a new feature that enables customers to transfer funds to their international recipients from their SGD account at cheaper FX rates and with lower transaction fees.

User guide


Supported currencies
We currently facilitate transactions in the following currencies. Please do note that we are working on introducing more currencies in the future.

1. SGD
2. USD
3. EUR
4. GBP
5. JPY
6. CAD
7. NZD
8. AUD
9. HKD

Prohibited jurisdictions
We have imposed certain restrictions on certain corridors (countries) due to regulatory requirements and global standards, which we strictly adhere to. The following corridors (countries) are prohibited for overseas transactions using our platform:

1. Afghanistan
2. Belarus
3. Crimea
4. Central African Republic
5. Cuba
6. Democratic Republic of Congo
7. Donetsk region of Ukraine
8. Kherson region of Ukraine
9. Luhansk region of Ukraine
10. Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine
11. Iraq
12. Iran
13. Libya
14. Lebanon
15. Mali
16. Myanmar
17. North Korea
18. Russia
19. South Sudan
20. Somalia
21. Sudan
22. Syria
23. Venezuela
24. Yemen

Kindly note that these restrictions are in place to comply with international regulations and to ensure the safety and security of our clients' transactions.

Fees and Pricing

Account Opening


Minimum Deposit


Minimum Balance


Fall Below Fee


Transactions via local routes(SEPA/ACH/FPS)


Transaction charges

Sending EUR to Europe (SEPA)

SGD 6.00

Sending USD to US (ACH)

SGD 6.00

Sending GBP to UK (FPS)

SGD 6.00

Sending CAD to Canada (EFT)

SGD 6.00

Sending AUD to Australia (AusPayNet)

SGD 7.00

Sending HKD to Hong Kong (CHATS)

SGD 6.00


Previous Model

(NEW) CBFX Model


SBA USD Equivalent

SBA USD Equivalent

Sending out




Bank charges (SGD)



% saved on bank charges


Return/refund policies

In the event your outgoing transaction is denied/declined, the funds will be refunded back to your Sleek Business Account in SGD. It is possible that the amount differs from the initial funds that you sent out. This is due to fluctuating forex rates. There are certain possibilities on why your transaction was refunded:

  • You inputted incorrect beneficiary details.
  • You initiated a transaction to a prohibited corridor.
  • Your Beneficiary's bank rejected the transaction.


  1. Can I use CBFX on my mobile device?-
    Yes, via the Sleek Web App
  2. Is there a minimum transaction requirement for CBFX?

There is no minimum transaction requirement.

  1. What are the daily transaction limits?

There is a daily limit of SGD $80,000 or equivalent.

  1. What are the trading hours on CBFX?

You may transfer the money anytime you want.

  1. Is it possible to cancel transactions from CBFX?

No, it isn’t. Once the money goes out from your account, it is not reversible. The transaction is either successful or refunded back to your account. 

  1. Who is eligible for CBFX?

Only SBA (Sleek Business Account) users may access CBFX.

  1. How long will it take for my beneficiary to receive the funds?

It usually takes about 1 to 3 business days for your beneficiary to receive the funds.

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