How to set up my CorpPass?

Below are steps for a company to set up its CorpPass account:

  1. A company may appoint up to 2 CorpPass Administrators.
  2. The CorpPass Administrators may register for an Admin account via the CorpPass website here.
  3. Registration of Admin Account:
  • For Singapore registered entities:

A Registered Officer of the Company (Director or Company Secretary with SingPass) may register as admin of the CorpPrass account without additional approval.

Alternatively, an individual may submit a form to register for an Admin account. A Registered Officer of the Company (Director or Company Secretary with SingPass) will then have to approve the registration either through SingPass (online) or by a Letter of Authorization (offline). 

  • For Foreign-registered entities:

You are required to show proof of entity registration and personal identification in your country by uploading your business registration document and Identity document.

  1. From here, your online application will be processed by CorpPass. 
  2. The CorpPass Admin can thereafter create and authorise CorpPass sub-admin or user accounts and manage the users’ access to digital services.
Please note that the accounts created by the CorpPass Admin need to be activated by the respective users before the users are able to make any transactions on behalf of the entity.

For detailed steps of CorpPass Administrator registration process, you may refer to the video below:

Source: Government Technology Agency of Singapore

If you need our assistance, Sleek team is happy to help you set up your CorpPass. You can also grant Sleek a CorpPass role up to a sub-admin. 

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