Employment Pass (EP) Online

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What is Employment Pass Online (EP Online)?

EP Online is an eService provided by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) where an employer or employment agency can perform work pass transactions such as checking status, issuing, renewing and cancelling.

What transactions can you do in EP Online?

In EP Online, the following eServices are provided:

  1. Application for the following passes:
    1. Dependant Pass
    2. Long Term Visit Pass
    3. Letter of Consent
To apply for a new Employment Pass or S Pass, please click on the link for the new EP and S Pass application service.
  1. Renewal of the following passes:
    1. Employment Pass
    2. S Pass
    3. Entrepass
    4. Dependant Pass
    5. Long Term Visit Pass
    6. Letter of Consent
  2. Issuance of the Applications and Renewals
    1. Employment Pass
    2. S Pass
    3. Entrepass
    4. Dependant Pass
    5. Long Term Visit Pass
  3. Cancellation of passes issued by MOM
  4. Appeal for rejected applications
  5. Check status and print outcome letters for applications/renewals
  6. Update information
    1. Updating of company information
    2. Updating of employee information
  7. Retrieve information
    1. Retrieve pass expiry report
    2. Retrieve GIRO payment on application fees
    3. Retrieve organization’s S Pass quota and tier information
Should you wish to know how to sign up for EP Online, please check this article: How to sign up for Employment Pass (EP) Online.

How to sign up for EP Online?

To sign up for an EP Online account, you need to:

  1. Log in to Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) using your SingPass;
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen;
  3. After 5 working days, you can check your application status here.

During registration, you must appoint an EP Online administrator. This person should preferably be the business owner, a director or a senior employee. You can appoint up to 2 administrators and up to 4 user accounts.

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