Role of a company secretary

What does a company secretary do in Singapore?

A corporate secretary (or company secretary) is responsible for looking after the administration work of a company efficiently. He or she is tasked with keeping the company compliant with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the company and being a mediator between shareholders and directors.

Being a corporate secretary does not only mean filing and staying compliant with the main regulatory body, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

It includes, among others:

  • Ensuring compliance with the company’s Constitution,
  • Keeping and maintaining the statutory registers of the company,
  • Filing annual returns
  • Preparing the Annual General Meeting
  • Changing company details:
    • Change of company name
    • Change in registered office address
    • Appointment/cessation of company officers & change in personal particulars
  • Supervising the issue of share capital and restructuring...

Why is a corporate secretary important?

A corporate secretary acts as the backbone of the company when it comes to keeping up with legal compliance.

With their extensive knowledge about the internal governance of the company, they are often relied upon for advice and solutions for example if there is an internal conflict between stakeholders & directors, a corporate secretary will often step in to mediate.

A good corporate secretary will ensure best practice when it comes to corporate governance, regularly communicate with shareholders and directors on company matters, and ensure that the interests of the company are protected at all times.

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